It is to notify all SLC graduated students are requested to attend  BNT MUSIC ACADEMY for practice”NATIONAL ANTHEM” for ‘8th THUNDERS EXPLODE’ batch 2015 from (2072/03/27th to (2072/03/30) it is compulsory to attend the class by every student. time: 5:00-6:00 pm

Dahi Chura Festival

Like every year this year also we are celebrating dahi chura festival on dated 15th Ashad 2072. we invite all our student and staff to participate. TIME :11am till 2pm

Music Store

We are pleased to announced that we have open our music store where you can get any instrument at very affordable cost.

Kumarapati Music Festival

This is to inform you all that we are organising Kumaripati Music Festival, interested student can submit their name for the performance.

International Music Day

This is to inform you that we are celebrating international music day in our school, please do submit interest of performance in front desk.


This is to inform all our student that our school will be closed on dated 11-04-2015.