Blood and Thunder is the music academy established in the year 1997 AD (2054 BS). Since then, we have been providing different classes on Voice Buils Up, Vocal Eastern/Western, Guitar Lead/Bass, Drums, Keyboard, & now Violin, Saxophone, Recorder, Clarinet, Flute, Sarangi, Tabala, Madal, Aerobic, & Salsa as well. The music academy has provided many musicians to the music industry in Nepal. It is now one of the best music academy in Nepal and is providing the quality education in the field of music. All the teachers or the instructors are professional musicians with a lot of experience which has helped the music academy to become more popular.The music academy has many students including the students of over 10 countries. There are instructors and foreign volunteers with lots and lots of experience which has certainly helped the students to gain much more knowledge in theid filed. The music academy also encourage and help the students to participate in different music competitions and not surprisingly, their performance turns out to be quite impressive as well.


Our main intention would be to provide the best knowledge in the field of music to all. If you want to learn very good music then this is the best place for you. Utilize your time, join us and make a good career in the music field.
We have helped turn the dreams of many people into reality, and now its your turn. 


Blood and Thunder was founded by Mr. Shyam K. Shahi in the year 1997 when there were very few musicians who could play western music and instruments in Nepal. The music academy has provided the classes to more than 2000 students now ad given many good musicians to the country. One ma struggled with the help from many others to establish the music academy back in 1997 AD and now it has grown bigger and is one of the best music academy in the country.
Mr. Shyam K. Shahi, Founder and Director of the academy is a professional musician who has been dedicated to provide the students with the best knowledge since past two decades. He has also recorded an album of his own and has been honored by many. 


We not only provide classes to the students but we also have a full sound proof practice room where we let out students from different facilitiescone and jam together so they can perform well with the band as well.We also provide the musical instruments to our members in the price that would be the cheapest in comparision to any other shops in the country.The full sound proof practice room & programme hall of 100 audiance apacity is also available for the visitor bands/event organizer and everyone in the most reasonable price.Other than these, we also compose and arrange music. We even do this for English songs and the songs in any language. 


  • To provide western and eastern music in Nepal.
  • Provide fresh bands of different genre in music fields.
  • Produce skilled and talented musicians.
  • Make all the music and music related stuffs available under one roof.
  • Facilitate the interested ones with affordable price, and latest technology.
  • All subjects instruct in staff notation.
  • Compacked and speed course.



  • Highly trained and experienced teachers.
  • All kinds of package music courses.
  • Grade performer’s certificate and diploma examination on music in international level.
  • Practice room & programme hall available.
  • Event management for interested and talented candidate in every 3 months.
  • We also arrange and compose music.
  • Heavy discount on purchase of musical equipment for members.
  • Leave are permitted in case of academic & domestic reasons without fees.
  • Every month theory lesson students are onliged to perform in hall, jamming class with band (Classmate) teacher/ex-student demonstration. Watch video of legendary worl popular musicians & bands of different genre.
  • A Grand show, including the ex/current student, member and musicians will be held on the anniversary of blood and thunder every year to facilitate Nepali legends, music contributors and successful ex-students.